Day #37 06.02.16

I spent a wonderful few hours this afternoon at a tea room called Tanya’s in the middle of Horncastle, drinking tea and eating fishfinger sandwiches and cake. Homemade lemon and blueberry layer cake to be precise. It was TREMAZE. And I’m not just biased because she’s my sister-in-law, it’s bloody good cake. And an added bonus of catching up with Paul K and Laura while I was there. Small town socialising means you often see people you know.

I am SO proud of her, my brother and parents who’ve all worked bloody hard over the last few months to bring an oldy worldy shop in desperate need of updating into the 21st century to become a top place to go and drink tea and eat cake. And fishfinger sandwiches. And jacket potatoes. And loads more stuff. If you’re in Horncastle, definitely go check it out.


Day #36 05.02.16

I’d planned on going back to Cheltenham today but as I didn’t have any plans until Saturday night I decided instead to make an impromptu trip to Boston to visit some very special friends. I’m one of those people that love unexpected visitors so I kind of assume that everyone else does too. Although, I tend to know out of my friends who actually does and who hates it. These friends were not those that hated it. Luckily. Kim was happily surprised to see my face pressed against the door (or did a good job of pretending).

I’ve known Rick & Kim for 13 years and a lot has changed over that time. We’ve had many a drunken night, trips abroad, weddings, babies (them), divorce (me), fancy dress parties, mixing, dancing, Brewdog, Buzz, 5am sunrises, jean fuck-ups and cocktail and bling parties. But one thing has remained throughout: they’re top friends and I love them dearly.


Day #34 03.02.16

This week I remarked to someone how I missed my walk to work. Last time I did a photo a day I had a half hour walk each way morning and evening. I saw so much and had so much stuff to possibly take pictures of, or things that made me think. I don’t really have that now. I have a 1.5 hour drive to work, but I don’t really see much, as I’m concentrating on the road and listening to the radio. There’s certainly not much time to stop and take pictures. It does make me a bit sad. I miss the fresh air too, and being outside.

So today’s picture is me in the car. As when I’m in the office, I spend a lot of time in it getting there.


Day #31 31.01.16

Sunday, the end of the week. Today I’ve mainly spent my time on the sofa feeling more and more crap. I have the lurgy (winter cold) which is extremely annoying as I felt so healthy, energetic, rested etc two weeks ago when I came back off holiday and now I feel ill, exhausted and run down. I thought I’d last a bit longer than this before sucumbing!

I’m also really tired as I’ve had a few late nights and early starts this week so tonight I was pretty pleased to get into my bed.


Day #30 30.01.16

BMF. British Military Fitness. Basically circuits outside in a park, usually involving rolling around in the mud, come rain or shine. I started doing something similar in Lincoln 4 years ago when I realised that just running and badminton probably wasn’t enough and I should probably do some different type of exercise. Mainly to make my running better.

When I moved here to Chelts I was pretty stoked to see BMF were here. I signed up last year for two reasons: for a bit of a different fitness stuff to do, and also to make friends and meet people, as I’d only just moved here and didn’t know anyone apart from Rachel. Plus I’m not really keen on exercising inside. I like to be outside, preferably in green stuff.

And it delivered. I’ve met some cracking people and had such a laugh. It’s a great social bunch and we’ve done a lot of cool stuff last year and already so much booked this year. Mud runs, relay runs that kind of shizzle.

What I love about the weekend sessions is we roll around in mud being shouted at and beasted for an hour then all sit and drink tea and chat. When I’m not busy doing other stuff at the weekend I can’t think of a better way to spend the morning.




Day #29 29.01.16

Saw this today. What the chuff? Here’s a thought: maybe just drink water instead? I know a lot of people don’t like water but labelling something as skinny water is surely just shit? Water in it’s normal form IS skinny; as in it doesn’t have calories or fat or stuff. You get used to drinking water. Jazz it up by having sparkling water, or adding lemon or lime. This ‘skinny’ version had all kinds of what looked like artificial shit in it. Flavourings, preservatives. CRAP. Basically. I drank water from rivers when I was hiking in South Africa. Can’t get much purer than that.

I hate food labelling; making things seem healthy when actually they’re not. Misinforming the nation. No wonder clean eating is such a popular concept.


Day #28 28.01.16

Thursday night is my Friday. Therefore it’s perfectly acceptable to go out for a few bevvies. Tonight I gatecrashed Marsha’s date (not on purpose, I was invited) before making him so uncomfortable he left (or maybe he had work the next day, could have been either) and we were able to drink wine and scoff crisps and chips like our original plan.