Day #231 18.08.16

Went for a run. If I’m going to run a half marathon in 6 weeks time I really need to pull my socks up, get out there, stop pissing about and make some time to run more than 5km in one go. So first thing this morning I decided to do a fasted slightly longer run (about 10km). Did 11km in the end. It was hard, didn’t really enjoy most of it and got attacked by brambles. Not really winning.


Day #230 17.08.16

Pretty uneventful day, although it was a pilot go live day at work. I had to get up before 6am to press a button, then went swimming. Got to work, no major issues with the system, everyone was happy. The WASPS rugby team were in the Atrium, but I missed out seeing the mascot or any rugby players because I was too late, so I just got a picture of a car. Got home late, ate dinner, went to bed. Standard day.


Day #226 13.08.16

A 17 mile hike along the Cotswold Way with the rather-unprepared photo sabeoteur Bateman. We got the bus out to Winchbome with the plan to walk the CW to Leckhampton. Slight change of plan after taking the wrong path on Cleeve Hill but 17 miles is still decent and we still walked some beaut routes🙂