Interesting article

I read the above article today. It’s not that often I read an article that prompts me to do something with it. I want to share this one. I’m not sure exactly why. I certainly don’t think all men are emotional manipulators, or behave in the way that’s described. I think a lot of the time some of the examples in the article are done in jest with no malice behind it.

Maybe it’s because I thought the article was well written. I liked the way it was worded, the flow and it kept my attention. I enjoyed reading it. Which, given the content seems a little strange to say. Or, it might be because I related to some of the things that were written. The concept of gaslighting. Not necessarily in the ‘you’re a woman, you’re crazy/hormonal’ stance, but the ‘your opinion isn’t as worthwhile as mine’ or the ‘it’s/everything’s your fault’. Yep, I’ve experienced that. It’s pretty shit. I’m sure a lot of women, especially if the article is to be believed, have at some point. How (or whether) that has affected them will of course vary. With me, I knew it wasn’t [always] true and it actually made me a bit stubborn. And it’s made me sure as hell I won’t put up with it again. With others, it might have worn them down. Eroded their confidence. That’s not on.

Everyone (male or female) deserves respect. They deserve to be listened to and their opinions valued. Not undermined. Whether that’s at work, in a relationship or in any other scenario.

No one should stand for anything less.


Reason #104 why running is great.

You see stuff. Stuff you maybe wouldn’t normally see. You go places. Places you wouldn’t normally go. You discover things. Things you wouldn’t normally discover.

Take last night. Lovely pink clouds over the Lincoln skyline. I wouldn’t have seen them if I was inside a car, or inside my house. Because chances are this time of year that’s the only kind of places people are.

Or when I went to Leeds last year, or Cornwall. I saw more of those places than the people I went with because I went for a run or two. I explored, ran down paths and streets and alongside rivers. I ran along beaches and found dead ends and little cut throughs. I said hello to people I didn’t know, I saw views I wouldn’t have seen from a car and I saw an odd house full of cactii (is that the right plural? Lots of cactus plants anyway).

Exciting. I like exploring. I like finding stuff. I like running where I don’t know where I’m going. I don’t worry about getting lost because I like seeing where I’ll end up. I’ll never really get lost, because I know that whatever happens or wherever I end up, I can always just turn round and run back the same way.

Bad pizza.

Broke my no-takeaway January tonight. Fancied a Papa Johns. Not had one for ages and felt like a little celebration. A little treat. Only I chose the wrong bloody pizza. Chose Total Recall when I should have chosen piri piri chicken. I got confused and forgot which one it was that I liked. It was horrible. I could only manage about a slice and a half. So I ate lots of biscuits instead. Now I feel like crap. Bad food = feel like shit.

Back on the healthy train tomorrow.

Grand finale.

Tonight was the grand finale of Come Dine With Me Club. Each weekend in January me, Karl, Sharron and Donna have taken it in turns to cook for us all, CDWMC stylee.

It’s been great fun; a chance to get together, have a laugh, eat good food and not have to go out or spend loads of money. Part of quiet January. I shall miss it. All of us are away or busy over the next few weeks so probably won’t get together much until the end of February. Boo.

Karl was the winner. And well deserved. Especially for that leek, potato and bacon soup. It was delish. And he shared his prize. Aces.


On the shore.

Yep, that’s a new header picture. The last one was a stock one from WordPress, although I recognised it as a tram in Lisbon (from books, I’ve not actually been to Lisbon).

I’ve wanted to change it for a while but hadn’t decided what to change it to. I have lots of pictures that could go there. And will go there. No doubt I’ll keep changing it every now and then (change is as good as a rest as they say).

For now, I chose a picture that I took of some boats on the shore of Lake Titcaca on my trip to Peru last year. It was so peaceful there, and the views from the islands were just stunning. T’was just lovely. And the sun was shining. Sigh.

In life’s garden.

My nan copied this poem out of a birthday card in 1946, and I found it a couple of years ago when we were sorting out her things after she died. I love it. I found it tonight when I was sorting out some of my things. I’m more like her than I realise I think. Although I’m not the hoarder she was. Just stubborn, independent and positive. Just like her.


Snowy hills. Who’d have thought it?

The weekly work run today. Some of the guys want to run the Lincoln 10K in April and I said I’d join in and do a bit of running with them (and run the 10K) so we go at least once a week. We started off just getting running and then getting the distance up, now we mix it up a little bit by adding in hill sprints, distance, sprints and off-road.

Tonight we added Snow. Our run was mainly on the common so included snow, hills and sprints. Off road. So uneven terrain and a bit slidey. No falls. I was surprised, I was sure someone would go arse over tit.

I hate running up hills. At least I thought I did. Running up that snowy hill today I realised that actually, I don’t anymore. I realised I actually like hill sprints. This is a revelation. It’s all down to The Marine. The guy who made me run fast and up hills at Christmas. The one who doesn’t see the point of exercise unless you give your all. The one who can carry me up a hill and then still beat me at a hill sprint straight after. The one who told me I could do it when I said I couldn’t (near the top of said hill). He’s changed my opinion and made me see how good hill sprints are for fitness. When our little running club did hill sprints the other week up Steep Hill the endorphins afterwards when we finished were amazing. Such a BRILLIANT feeling.

And that is why I love running.



Life choices are simple.

Do it. Or don’t do it.

A good friend of mine wrote that in a message to me earlier. And she’s right. I really think they are that simple. Little, big or in-between size choices.

OK, yeah, there’s always lots of Stuff to think about. Things. People. Stuff. All to consider. But, generally life choices get complicated unnecessarily. There will always be something we can think of to stop us doing things, and far too many things we put in the way. Excuses. But actually, the only thing stopping anyone is themselves. If you want to do something that bad, then you generally figure out how to do it.

In that message my friend said I’m a Do It girl. And she’s right. That’s pretty much how I roll. I work out what I want to do, and then think about how I’m going to do it. And then do it.