It snowed.

Yes, I know. a post about the weather. How dull. But, it’s about snow. Snow is acceptable weather to post about. You just have to look at anyone’s Twitter feed or Facebook timeline, they’re full of posts about or pictures of snow. So, it snowed more today.

I’m really pleased I don’t have to drive to work anymore. My car is pretty crap on the snow (rear wheel drive, mid engine) so it pretty much just slides about, so I used to dread having to drive anywhere in snow as I’d just end up sideways. Which is fine, and actually a lot of fun, but only if you’re nowhere near any other cars, kerbs or buildings. So now I walk I only have to worry about damaging myself, which, knowing me is pretty likely (I’m fairly clumsy), but, if you fall over in snow there’s a soft landing, right?

I walked home past Lincoln Cathedral tonight. It was so pretty, all lit up and covered in snow. Then it started to snow as I was there. ‘Twas a magical moment. All too often when we walk we look down at the ground, or straight ahead. How often do we look up? But if we don’t look up, we miss out on so much. Tonight looking up I saw the cathedral in it’s full glory, as well as all the snow settled on the telephone wires and the trees, and the top of the castle walls. Pretty and peaceful.




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