The early bird catches the worm.

Or, in this case, gets the world to itself for a little bit.

I went for a little 5 mile run last Saturday in the morning. Early in the morning. 5am early to be precise. Ouch. I’ve not been for a run that early for a long time. Why, I hear you cry? I was off to Amsterdam for the weekend and had to be setting off for the airport early, so I had no choice but to get up extra early to get a run in. Especially as I wasn’t taking my running gear with me. (I wish I had now, but I was trying to travel light)

One of the great things about that time of day is how quiet it is. There’s no one around. Not even really any traffic, only the odd lorry here and there. The sun didn’t even get up it was that early. It’s nicer at that time in the summer as you get to see the sun rise; this time of year it’s still dark when getting back.

It was a great run; it’s like I get the world to myself for a little bit. All I hear is the birds waking up and my feet on the pavement. It was well needed too, after the long up and down week I’d had. When running I can just forget everything. It clears the mind and never fails to make me feel great.



Even Lincoln Cathedral was still asleep.



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