Who inspires you? For me, it’s all kinds of people. A real mix. People I know, people I don’t.

One chap stands out for me though. Miles Hilton-Barber, explorer, adventurer and motivational speaker. I first found out about him quite a few years ago after my old boss heard him speak at an event she was at and was so inspired she bought his CD. After listening to it myself I could see why. Amazingly positive, he has some great stories about life’s challenges and achievements, the most wonderful South African accent and after just a few minutes into his first CD I was captivated. 

Miles is blind. But it doesn’t let it stop him achieving his goals and dreams, or living a happy, fulfilling and successful life. Why should it? And that’s the message. People can do whatever they put their minds to. Push your limits. Have a dream and make a decision to do it. Don’t give up.

In this article he describes what he talks about in his speeches. Two things stood out for me when reading it.

‘Life does not consist in holding a good hand of cards, but in playing a poor hand well’. It’s not what happens to you, it’s what you do when it happens. Don’t make excuses. Make choices.

“Sight without vision is equal to blindness” I can relate to this. Don’t coast. Have dreams. Follow them. Live them.

He inspired me back then to live my life like that. So I do.

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