Paperwork and stuff.

There’s so much to do to go away for a year. Loads of paperwork. Shizzle to sort out. Things to apply for. Stuff to organise. Spreadsheets to keep.

I’ve had a constant to do list since January that just keeps getting added to. Sure, stuff gets ticked off but more stuff gets put on it. I think I’m getting there though. A lot of the big stuff is done, now just little bits to sort out. Loose ends to tie up. Stuff that can’t be done until just before I go.

It’s surprising how much there is to think about. What if I’d decided to go earlier than I am? How would I have got it all done? Would I have got it all done? Probably I guess. What needs to be done gets done, but it would have been bloody stressful and left me with no time at all.

Maybe you’re thinking what kind of stuff? Surely there’s not that much to think about? Pack up stuff, sort out passport, book flights and go, that’s about it right? Erm, not quite.

I haven’t got it all written down. I can’t list everything here. But trust me, there’s a lot. Especially when life has to go on as well. And you move house, go abroad twice, your brother gets married, you go to London for the weekend twice, you’re a godparent, you enter some running races, you…, well, you get the picture.

Just a few of the things I’ve been doing over the last couple of months; deciding my route, booking flights, sorting out the internship, getting a CRB check, figuring out what stuff I need to buy and take with me, figuring out how to manage my money when out there, finding out what visa’s I need and when, and then applying. Vaccinations, moving out of my house, selling my car, deciding what things to keep and sorting them for storage, selling what stuff I don’t need, changing my address to a temporary one, figuring out the tax implications and what to do for my self assessment. Organising leaving do’s, organising paperwork to leave here while I’m away, sorting all my travel documents on line, booking accommodation and airport pickups for the first few places I’m staying in, setting up Skype for the parentals, moving money about to make sure it’s in the right place, setting up accounts to be able to book trains on line, and researching different countries for a vague idea of where to go. Sorting out my rented house and getting it all in order while I’m away, setting up a new laptop and all my photos and files, cancelling subscriptions and contracts, deciding how to keep in touch while away, sorting out my mortgage and trying to work out a realistic travel budget.

There’s more. Plenty more. But I can’t remember it all. I’m just doing what I can, one day at a time, with the odd day off thinking about it here and there. I have to do that, otherwise my brain would be shot. Well, more than it already is. But I’m getting to the point now where I’m starting to want to just go. Stop all the planning and sorting out and just go.

Not long to wait.

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