Fitness frenzy.

Classes at the Sports Centre finished today for the summer, and I still had two passes left that I’d already paid for. So I decided to have a bit of a fitness frenzy and go for Boot Camp then Zumba back to back, after a short run with the ICT URC (ICT Unofficial Running Club). However, it didn’t quite work out like that. A meeting overran which mean URC never happened. So, I decided to go for a run after. But I got to the Sports Centre to find Boot Camp wasn’t on because there wasn’t enough people. So, I changed my mind and decided to do Zumba then a Spinning class. So I had a bit of time to kill, the rain was pouring so I decided to go on the treadmill in the gym to do a little run. BIG mistake. Oh my word running on a treadmill is SO BORING. The only time I’ve done it is when I used to go to the gym YEARS ago before I started running. I now know why I love running outdoors so much and why people call it the Dreadmill.

It’s DULL; there’s naff all to look at. It’s HOT; there must have been air con but I miss the breeze of outside on my face. There’s lots of people around and I don’t like just running next to someone and not talking. We were all plugged into the TV’s like robots. Erk. I’ll not be doing it again for a long while. Only if I really, really, really have to.

Zumba was fun but I don’t love it. I do it though, but I do it badly. I struggle to follow the steps because I have the co-ordination of a drunken sailor at the end of a weekend bender. I just can’t get my feet to move in the same way as the instructor, no matter how hard I try, and so most of the time I just end up doing my own thing, occasionally catching a glimpse of myself in the mirror and trying not to cringe. I look BAD. I think I need to be drunk to have any kind of rhythm.

I love spinning though, I haven’t been enough this year. I’d not been to this particular instructor’s class before. It was hard, especially after having just knocked out a 5km run and an hour of Zumba. But it was good. I like hard things. Makes me work. What’s the point in doing exercise if you don’t push yourself. Like the people that go to the gym and leave looking exactly the same as when they went. I’m never going to pull at the gym because I tend to leave looking like a big red sweaty mess, but, let’s face it, that’s not why I go. As weird as it sounds, there’s something quite satisfying about feeling the sweat pouring off/down your body. To quote a well known phrase that I see all over the place; sweat is fat crying. I worked hard, take THAT body fat and stick it up your ****.

I think I might sleep well tonight.

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