Runs around the world #4

Johannesburg, South Africa

Today was the first ‘proper’ Run Around the World. It’s my first day abroad on my travels, I’m in Joburg on a stopover before flying to Zambia tomorrow. I’ve not run a lot this week because I’ve been so busy so I was desperate to get out today. I went out at about 2:15 in the afternoon. So yes, the hottest part of the day. In the Southern Hempisphere. It was a bit windy; it didn’t feel too hot to start with I can confirm it actually bloody was.

It was a really hard run. Hot and slightly uphill. I also read that Joburg is 1753 metres above sea level. Not sure whether that would class as at altitude though. I did 3.5 miles and was chuffed at that because at one point I did think I might collapse. I didn’t. Good job.

I ran around a gated Joburg suburb. I checked with Joan (the woman who runs the hostel I’m staying in) where was safe. Yes, although I’d just be likely to run out of the gate and see where I get to, I’m staying sensible. I know I’m in South Africa and there’s a fair bit of traffic and not many paths round here. Plus, I promised boss Matt and others that I wouldn’t just run down dodgy roads. So, I ran a few laps of residential streets, safe behind security gates with barriers, fences and security guards just behind where I’m staying. I could definitely tell that I’m back in SA because of the tropical plants and the security fences. And dogs. Loads of dogs barking at me. And I got a few funny looks. I didn’t see any other joggers, or really any other people about, so the people that were out were a bit bemused. I’m used to it.

I was so pleased to get out for a run; I needed it. An 11 hour flight last night and no running for a while meant I needed to get out. As hard as it was, I felt so much better afterwards. I always do. I don’t think there’s such a thing as a bad run. And as hot as the sun was, it was nice to see the sun. And stick my feet in the pool afterwards to cool down.

photo (19)

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photo 4 (2)

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