Return of the Paps.

At least for a little bit. My last post on here was back in September and I thought it was probably my last one, at least for a while. I had a lot going on and was just settling back into some kind of routine and didn’t feel like living my life out online so openly.

Now it’s February, so nearly 6 months on, and I have a new kind of normality. I have finally moved to Cheltenham and into my own place again and am starting to settle down (whatever that means, I’m still all over the place and still definitely in no way wanting the average-cut-your-front-lawn-on-a-Sunday type of life). And I miss writing. Although I’m not quite sure what to write about now. I’m not planning my travels, and I’m not travelling any more. I suppose I can just write about my life, although I’m not sure how interesting that is.

Want a brief update on what’s happened between September and now? Not a lot and lots all at once. Lots of running and biking, a half marathon (and a PB), a (likely) broken toe that still hurts now, a Halloween that ended by 10pm due to too many cocktails, a fling that imploded badly, climbed the highest mountains in England and Wales, a long term fling that turned out not to be a fling but actually was a complicated yoyo fling only just figured out, another sub 50 10K, a stroll round Bath, a trip to Stonehenge, a whirlwind tour of London, reunions with old friends, flat hunting, many nights out (mostly involving shots), family Christmas, a house move, making new friends, hill running, bed buying, more nights out, drunken burger eating, dates-that-weren’t-really-dates with a neighbour, drunken work night out with new work mates, mud running, head torch running, wood scrambling, fitness challenges entered, hangouts with mates, lots of visitors and some plans made for this year.

Now, about that last one. I’ve not got too many plans though, I’m still a bit twitchy about stuff like that. You know, planning ahead and committing to stuff. Being the commitment-phobe I am, anything that’s more than a few weeks ahead seems a LONG time away and I always think things can change. I have to keep reminding myself that I live somewhere now and I know I’m here for at least the next 4 months (if not longer, I really can’t be arsed to move again, and have no reason to) so I can just take it a bit easy. I’m not travelling any more so don’t have to do all the things I want in a short space of time because I’ll be moving on. I’ve enjoyed the relative anonymity and solitude of not knowing anyone. Walking down the street and knowing that I won’t bump into anyone I know. I know some people would find this lonely, but I was so ready for it. So I’ve taken these first couple of months fairly easy and have just been enjoying having my own space again. I’m away a bit with work which I’m loving, so when I do get home I’ve relished the downtime. Although, OK, I know, my downtime maybe isn’t quite the same as everyone else’s. So yeah, I’ve managed to explore loads of Cheltenham, go out for a few bevvies a fair bit, make friends without even trying, find myself on a couple of dates even though I said I wouldn’t, run up plenty of hills and through lots of mud and try out some fitness places. I now know where loads of places are, can give people a bit of a guided tour, drive around without a sat nav and start to recognise different paths on the top of Leckhampton Hill. I’m ‘settling’ in, if you will.

This was all part of the adventure. This is what I meant by moving to Cheltenham being an adventure. Someone back in Lincs questioned how I could describe it as that compared to all the things I’d done in my year away, but it’s all about adventure being a state of mind. I moved to a new place where everything was new. I only knew one person so I’d have to get out there and make new friends. I didn’t know where anything was so I’d have to find out. It’s all new, all exciting and all a bit of a challenge. Some people would hate it, but I love it.

So, plans for this year? Glastonbury, Bencassim, cycling London to Paris in 24 hrs, a couple of half marathons, a possible 24 hour endurance run, maybe a triathalon, walking in the Brecon Beacons, surfing in Cornwall and a bit of camping. A new blog, a couple of projects, visiting friends, a bit of volunteering, learn how to play the piano. Finally get some pictures framed, finally stop eating sweet stuff, start yoga, go to spin regularly, swim more, buy more hats, make someone laugh, be a sports marshal, run at Cheltenham parkrun and join some running and cycling clubs.

I think that’s enough to be thinking about. Whether they will all pan out, and how, remains to be seen. But of course, that’s the adventure. Hello 2015.