Day #2 02.01.16

I did hardly anything today. It was a ‘do nothing day’. I don’t do these very well as I’m not very good at them. But I have recognised that I need them every now and then otherwise I burn myself out. And the last few months have been pretty hectic and I’ve been ill quite a bit in December, so I knew I was ready for a break. A few days to recharge, get decent sleep, eat vegetables and relax. So after yesterday’s exertions all I did today was have a wander around the village to get some bits (needed a cap/hat for my big hike next week and I managed to find one in the kids section of a clothes shop – this is standard seeing as though I have a pea head) and lounge around by the pool doing a bit of sunbathing, swimming and reading.

It was lovely, although I can’t do this kind of stuff for that long. And I’m shit at sunbathing, I’m not really a sun worshipper, don’t really care whether I have a tan or not and find the whole process a bit stressful rather than the relaxing thing it’s supposed to be. Why stressful? Well, I kind of think of it like cooking a turkey. Lather yourself in sun lotion (baste), lay out under heat (sun) and turn often (and re-baste as necessary) waiting for the skin to change colour. Is an odd concept. I also always miss bits with the sun tan lotion (travelling alone leads to interesting patterns on my back where I just can’t quite get an even covering as my arms aren’t long or double jointed) so constantly have to check to see if I’m burning or not (quite often I do, in patches, as I’m fairly pale skinned by nature) and hate feeling all slippery and coated in grease and end up one big red sweaty mess. How anyone can look half decent when sunbathing is beyond me.

But anyway, my day WAS relaxing, I read a book, did some swimming and just sat awhile with nothing to do or think about. Now that was great. No to do list, nothing to think about apart from daydream. Perfect. I definitely feel more relaxed and recharged ready for the next couple of weeks which is going to be a bit more busy when I start my South African roadtrip.




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