Day #3 03.01.16

I went for a run this morning. Hadn’t been out for one for well over a week and I’d been telling myself I’d go all week so made myself get out there and just DO IT. It’s mega hot here and I struggle with energy when running in the heat. Couple that with achy legs from my massive hike the other day and waking up a bit later than I’d want to run did make it a bit of a challenge to actually get up, get my running gear on and out the door. But, make it I did. Hurrah!

I’ve struggled with my running mojo ever since I came back from travelling; I just don’t seem to have the same love for it I did a few years ago. I’m not sure why, maybe it’s because I do more different types of exercise, maybe it’s because I don’t seem to have much time to dedicate to it, maybe it’s because I haven’t really done any races for a while or maybe it’s because I just don’t do it enough. Whatever it is, I know it’s still in there because when I do do it, I still love it.

Even if it is hot, sticky, sweaty and hard work like today.



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