Day #48 17.02.16

My journey to work (51 miles, about 1hr20mins each way) was made infinitely more pleasurable today. Instead of enduring Warren Moore on HeartFM in the morning (I only listen until I get a bit closer to Warwick then I can switch to TouchFM with the two guys whose names I can never remember but make me laugh) I had a CD to listen to.

Yes! A CD! I don’t actually own any CD’s any more since I discovered Spotify about 5 years ago and have been a fully paid up premium convert ever since, but this one is special.


Because I actually know the singer on this one; it’s my top friend Dan who has a beautiful voice and an even more beautiful soul. His first album, but hopefully nowhere near his last.

We met at work when I sent him an unintentionally rude and abrupt email and thought he was a 50 something bearded man, and he was bemused rather than offended and thought I was an IT geek. Friendship soon blossomed by the cash machine where we’d bump into each other randomly and then share email stories about fudge and polka dot pants.

Sometimes you just meet people that light up your life and make your heart sing. Dan is one of those people.



If you want to buy Dan’s album, or just find out more about his gigs visit


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