Day #66 06.03.16

It’s Mothers Day today but I don’t live near my mum any more so I wasn’t able to see her in person today so this photo wasn’t actually taken today. This is bending my photo a day rules a bit but I figured it’s a decent reason to as I wanted a picture of me and my mum together (this was actually taken in March 2013 at my brother’s wedding reception).


Mother’s Day sometimes reminds me of something similar to Valentines Day where it’s one day people are forced to make a gesture that really should probably be shown the rest of the year too. I don’t tell my mum how thankful I am for everything she’s done (and still does) enough, I know I don’t. I get wrapped up in my own little busy bubble of life. I hope she knows. Well, she’s probably reading this as I’m pretty sure mum and dad still get an email every time I post something on here from when I was away on my travels so hello mum! <waves>

So Mum, I hope you do know! You’ve helped make me into the person I am today, hopefully you’re pleased with how I turned out. Thanks for everything, from doing all the mum bits when I was little, you know, like keeping me alive and stuff to the things you do now, nearly 35 years later. I know I might not seem like I need much nowadays, but every now and then I’ll be sure to send something your way, haha!

Seriously though, thanks so much. Thanks for helping give me the skills to be a decent adult. Teaching me to know right from wrong and how to be independent and make my own choices. Thanks for being there without interfering or imposing anything on me. For supporting me in all my life choices and crazy ideas.

Happy Mothers Day 🙂 xx


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