Solitary confinement.

I like to be alone, probably just as much as I like to be around other people. I am quite a sociable creature, but I also like (and need) time to myself. To just potter around or talk to myself or just chill out. Right now I’m sat on the roof of my building in the Spring sunshine writing this. And it’s beautiful. I can see the hills that surround Cheltenham and feel the sun on my face. The weather is so lovely I feel like I should be doing something. Getting out and about. Maybe a walk, maybe a run. Go out and see people.

But maybe, my brain tells me, maybe it’s just OK to do this. To stop and sit here outside instead. Maybe you don’t always have to be doing something. You’re already outside. You’ve spent the week doing silly amounts of burpees and running around in mud and flinging yourself over walls and tyres. Maybe it’s OK.

So I am.


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