Day #87 27.03.16

Lazy day today. Not much happened apart from a walk to the shops to get important supplies like milk, although once I got to the shop I got distracted by food and forgot to buy milk. Oh well.

The weather is still a bit hit and miss but Spring has officially started and the daffodils are starting to come out in force. Loads of people’s favourite season is Spring, and I can kind of see why, although mine is still Autumn. It’s like everything is coming out of hibernation and starting to wake up. Trees are starting to get their buds and new leaves, flowers of all colours start to pop up and the whole place just feels so much more, like, alive. Colour starts to come back. Gone are the greys and browns that winter brings. The sun starts to play hide and seek with the clouds and makes those precious snips of colour so much brighter.

Hurrah for nature’s colour. Be vibrant, be colourful, be exciting, be seen.




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