How to eat on a Sunday…

…if you’re single/lazy/lacking in time to go shopping much/all 3.

  1. Eat leftover chocolate for breakfast in bed while vowing never to buy chocolate again.
  2. Go run around a park in the sunshine.
  3. Buy broccoli at any opportunity if you pass a local co-op. You’d be surprised how handy it is.
  4. Use sandwich beef (decent stuff, though, no reformed cows or corned beef) in substitute for cooking an actual joint of meat.
  5. Cook broccoli. Use boiling water to make gravy (no waste here).
  6. Put cold beef on plate.
  7. Chuck broccoli on top.
  8. Pour over gravy.
  9. Add salt and pepper.
  10. Marvel at your shortcut Sunday dinner handiwork.
  11. Inhale food.
  12. Wait 10 minutes.
  13. Make a cheese and ham toastie because you’re still hungry.
  14. Chomp on toastie.
  15. Wonder whether you should make another one.
  16. Remember you’ve just eaten all the ham.
  17. Wait 10 minutes.
  18. Contemplate buying chocolate.
  19. Remember you’re not buying chocolate any more.
  20. Drum fingers on laptop keyboard in indecision.
  21. Decide to not buy chocolate, mainly because it will involve walking to the shop.
  22. Make a cup of tea.
  23. Daydream about chocolate. Eat salted cashews and sultanas instead.
  24. Enjoy the mix of salt and sweet. Forget about chocolate.
  25. Contemplate whether to go for a bike ride.
  26. Sit on sofa for another few hours debating what to do while looking at videos of cats on the internet.
  27. Wonder whether you should go food shopping as now you have no food apart from cheese.
  28. Briefly look at recipes from Lean in 15 and consider batch cooking.
  29. Remember you’re hardly at home next week.
  30. Decide to buy more broccoli next time you pass the co-op and therefore do not need to trek to the supermarket.
  31. Wonder what to have for tea.
  32. Remember you have no food. But there is milk and bananas.
  33. Decide to have porridge later.
  34. Briefly wonder what you’d do if you had to cook for someone else.
  35. Remember The Marine and his love of cooking.
  36. Decide that any potential men friends must like cooking.
  37. Go back to videos of cats.

Welcome to my world! Happy Sunday.



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