Day #176 24.06.16

On a day where the UK and social media went slightly crazy, I took time out to walk in the sunshine amongst the flowers.
I love and use social media a fair bit, but I’m also not one for commenting on political or contentious matters, mainly because they’re usually issues that I have a lack of understanding of. I generally I feel that unless I have an informed view of something, I can’t really comment. I’m a facts girl, and the EU referendum is one area that I’ve felt is massively lacking in actual facts in amongst all the propaganda. However, I DID do some research and I DID vote, making my decision based on at least some researched points.
I have been disappointed about the way the media and both campaigns have ran. They whipped the country into a fear frenzy, feeding on political hot potatoes and delivering lies and slander.
I am angry that the UK public have been asked to vote on SUCH an important, monumental decision all the while being fed a heap of pigshit information.
I have been shocked at some of the open racist behaviour that has now been displayed as a result, and that some people think that this is now acceptable.
I am disappointed in the people that are now saying they did not think their vote would count, and that they want to change their mind, disappointed that they did not think to find out what their vote might mean before voting.
The decision has been made, and now, we as a country – ALL OF US – must look to what that now means. We must not forget that there are people living in the UK in our communities that right now feel vulnerable and unwelcome. It is up to us to show them love, solidarity and reassurance. To unite against racism and hate and those who will use this as an opportunity to incite vile behaviour.
This is our chance to understand these issues more. This is our chance to get involved. There are reasons why people voted Leave that are nothing to do with the EU. These are the issues that we as Britons, and the government, need to take notice of. Issues that need to be acknowledged and tackled.
To keep the UK an united, tolerant, inclusive country.

Day #175 23.06.16

Today I drove to Lyneham to finish binge watching The Five, a 10 part series written by Harlan Coben with Ruth. Harlan is one of my favourite authors so I had high hopes. I wasn’t disappointed, it was AMAZING. Enough twists and turns to keep me on the edge the whole way through, and an ending that just couldn’t be guessed until it was actually revealed, which is pretty satisfying. If you can ignore the blatant flaunting of police procedure, I’d totally recommend this.

11/10. Yep, that good.


Day #174 22.06.16

Decided to go get myself a new workout top designed. My unofficial catchphrase, it seems to have caught on, and I find myself living by it. Contrary to popular belief it doesn’t mean just fuck everything and go do what you want without thinking. No, it’s usually what I think if I’m unsure about something and holding back because of a reason that’s probably a bit crap.
What’s the worst that can happen? As long as I’ve considered some of the consequences, thought about some of the practicals, happy that I’ll be safe, not hurting anyone else and my gut feeling isn’t screaming not to do it, then Fuck it, Do it. It’s done me pretty well so far.
And yes, sometimes, well, sometimes things don’t work out how you think they will. But that’s just all part of the experience. Use it or lose it.

Day #173 21.06.16

My friends wanted proof I do cook sometimes. So it was my turn to make tea for the girls. Little jog, lean in 15 chicken chorizo thing, agressive chocolate, talk of naked marines and mountain men and a particularly graphic war film. Standard Leam weeknight, love our girls nights Ruth Suzanne Smith and Kate Isobel


Day #171 19.06.16

Happy Fathers Day Dad! The workshop and the days of the porn star tash are long gone, but his despair of me as an offspring continues. Daily, if you believe what he says. I tell him he has it easy with me because he hardly sees me. Out of sight, out of trouble 😉

Cheers for humouring me Dad

Love from Tink xx