Day #153 01.06.16

Ever had one of those headaches where nothing will touch it? You know, where you’ve drunk enough water to fill a lake, taken more paracetamol and ibuprofen than is probably healthy and rubbed your temples so many times you’ve got red marks and look like you’re growing horns? Yep, that was me today. Started this afternoon and didn’t fuck off. Don’t think it was a migraine (don’t think I’ve ever suffered from them, they sound horrific), think it was more a stress headache.

Wanted to go for a run but that was the last thing I felt like I could do, at points I was barely capable of moving around my flat. So I spent the evening away from a screen, started a book and got a fairly early night. Sleep is the only thing that gets rid of it I’ve found. Luckily I very rarely get these but maybe it was my body telling me to look after myself a bit. Noted!



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