Day #209 27.07.16

Another week, more leaving drinks for one of our team at the Cozy Club in Coventry (where you get a great view of the Godiva clock).

L-iam actually works for another company as a consultant but he’s been part of the team every since I started. Am super jealous of him as he’s off to Oz for a year to take advantage of the working holiday visa and have a year (or more) of Sydney fun.

Have fun dude, been great working with you!



Day #208 26.07.16

Must be time for a food photo. This means not a lot else happened today, or I couldn’t think of anything else. On my last photo a day back in 2012, when that happened it tended to be pictures of the cat. I don’t have a cat now, so food it is.

Tonight is another one from Lean in 15. This time, team avo makes an appearance alongside chill stuff. I went a bit overboard with the red chilli, meaning a massive dollop of yoghurt had to be dispatched. Still, once that was on and my mouth no longer was on fire, it was tip top.

I’ve tried a few of the recipes from Lean in 15 now, but have yet to attain that goddess body. Maybe it takes a bit longer.


Day #206 24.07.16

FINISHED! 45km in 5 laps in 18 hours. Well chuffed with that. The last lap was pretty hard going both physically and mentally (running the same course multiple times is a bit of a mindfuck). I did one more lap than last year, and if I think back to when I started running in 2011 and couldn’t run a mile, I’m going to give myself a pat on the back with how far I’ve come.


It was SUCH a good weekend. A weekend full of running (LOTS OF IT, YAY), laughs, fun, food, banter. A weekend devoid of sleep and feeling fresh for more than an hour at a time.

Once again, events like this are boosted immesurably by the people you do it with. Feeling a lot of love from the BMF family right now ❤


Day #205 23.07.16

Today was the start of the Cotswold 24 hour run; a team relay where between you your team run as many 9km laps of the same course as possible in 24 hours. BMF had 4 teams this year (we did it last year) so about 30 of us descended on Bathurst Estate near Cirencester for a weekend of fun and frolics (and fitness).

Saturday was glorious weather – in fact, too bloody hot for running. My first lap was at 2pm; right in the middle of the hottest part of the day, ouch! But, no choice but to get on with it and enjoy the sweatfest (as well as topping up the tan).