Day #183 01.07.16

New specs day! Actually should have been next Monday but I rang on the off chance they might have been ready and they were! WHOOP.

Last time I got new glasses was for my 30th birthday, so they’re over 5 years old now and feeling it. Screws missing, scuffed and marked. Plus, my prescription has changed [slightly] so decided to treat myself to some new specs. And really treated myself and got two pairs of normal and one pair of sunnies. NEVER had a choice of which pair to wear before. Even though the two I have bought are pretty similar (but not identical!). It’s STILL exciting.

I love wearing glasses. Every time I go to the opticians they ask me if I want to try contact lenses. I don’t. It used to be because I didn’t like the idea of putting my fingers in my eyes. I’m over that now, but mainly now it’s because I actually love wearing glasses. They’re a part of me and I feel like I look weird without them (probably because I’m just used to them, but still). Yeah, they’re a bit of a pain doing sports but I’m so used to it now. Swimming is the only pain in the arse time. I don’t wear my glasses so I normally have to ask whoever I am with to look after me a bit and make sure I don’t go wandering off, because I’ll never be able to find them again.



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