Day #244 31.08.16

Midweek campout – in my case ended up with no camping (in a bit too much pain to do that voluntarily – last weekend it was a necessity, this time, I have a choice to come back home). In any case, it was a chance for a good catch up and chit chat (and biscuits – sorry Elena, I did eat ALL your biscuits).



Day #243 30.08.16

When you’re feeling a bit down in the dumps, getting outside for some fresh air and a bit of exercise is a great tonic. Grabbing a friend who will give you good counsel and getting to the top of a hill where you are reminded that the world is bigger than you is also a good move.


Day #242 29.08.16

New cleats! After realising I’d worn the others down so much I couldn’t clip in anymore on one side (all that walking up hills in Pembrokeshire) I got some nice shiny new ones in an emergency bank holiday Monday trip to Halfords. Sadly, they only did the job for another 15 miles or so as I had to admit defeat and leave at Newport because my knee had just become too painful to cycle without thinking I was doing some actual damage to it.

Gutted is an understatement, I was really enjoying the adventure. Not just gutted to stop the cycling. As much as I love doing things by myself, sometimes it’s really nice to do stuff like this with other people, and Andy is such a lovely guy to spend time with.


Day #240 27.08.16

Crash. Annoyingly not even a spectacular one, just a standstill-unclip overbalance one, but it still hurt a lot – landed right on the middle of my kneecap and also on my back – it feel very similar (although not *quite* as bad) as when I broke a rib a couple of years ago. I fear I may have slightly cracked a rib again (probably even the same one). I still got back on the bike but the hills took me a little bit longer – it was bloody hard going.


Day #239 26.08.16

Starting selfie, of course! Day 1 of the ride from Wales to London. Glorious weather to start our trip. At this stage everything is an unknown, we have no idea what will happen, what the route will be like, what things we will see or have to do. And that’s the whole point of adventure. Venturing into the unknown, and just dealing with whatever is thrown your way; embracing everything. All these posts are written retrospectively, but I always write them as at the time of taking the photo.