Day #220 07.08.16

Today was the annual pilgrimage to Yorkshire (how handy I was already there :P) for the yearly Lincs Police HR Class of 2009 reunion/cakeathon, an event where we all have to wear a frock (apart from Moz who insists on dressing as a tennis player) and be armed with stories and photo faces.

An afternoon filled with sandwiches, cakes, laughs, stories of inappropriate behaviour, happy endings and tourettes stories gone wrong. Goals now set for more inappropriate behaviour and happy endings for the next year. Will Moz ever get on an escalator again? Will Deb get the award for longest drive next year? Will we be having to wear hats as well as frocks? Will I ever have a man story that doesn’t end in disappointment or intrigue? Will Jane have written her book? Will Lily be confronted by any more body parts? Will Sharon ever retire?

Work is just work, yes, but if you have to spend loads of time there, why not enjoy it? I spent a great few years working with these guys and going from colleagues to friends. A lot has happened along the years for all of us, including divorce, illness, fitness journeys, travel, career changes, hirsute children, and I consider myself very lucky that we are still in contact all these years later able to share in the joy, have support for the tough and have an immense amount of fun along the way.



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