Day #224 11.08.16

There was some kind of science thing happening tonight and over the next couple of days which means that there are hundreds of meteors hurtling around in the sky that we’re able to see as shooting stars. A group of us decided to go try and spot these by wild camping out on a hill somewhere just outside Cheltenham.

Cloudy when we got there, we thought we might just have been in for a night of no views but beer, snacks and chat. And to be fair, that would have been just as good for this group (made up of hardy BMF peeps, naturally). But NO! The skies cleared at about 11.30 to give us the most wonderfully clear sky and a shooting star spectacular show started. We were wowed and there were lots of “oohs, and aahhs”. Well worth the effort to get out and about to watch it.

A beaut of a sunrise followed a warm, dry night and we were all packed up and gone by 7.30am, plenty of time for the guys who were working to get home and work ready. Midweek adventure at it’s best.



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