Day #248 04.09.16

Today involved dismantling a clock, which will be made into a new one. Tools and everything came out. I have a bit of an obsession about clocks; I love them. But not just any old clock, I am quite fussy about what clocks make it over the threshold.

This one was left to me by my Nan in her will a few years ago. She’d had it for years, after rescuing it from a bonfire where it was about to be burnt. It wasn’t my kind of thing so rather than get rid of it or just leave it under my bed where it had been for the last year or so, I’ve decided to make it into something new. I should still be able to keep the mechanism and keep the familiar tick-tocking of the pendulum which will remind me of childhood days sat in my grandparent’s living room playing cards, dominoes, marbles or reading Noddy books. No TV on back in those days, just beautiful silence and the tick-tock of a clock.



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