Day #302 28.10.16

Halloween party preparation day. Spent the afternoon at Bev’s house setting it up for the BMF halloween party. This involved drinking a large amount of beer (we had to test the barrels to make sure it was OK, obviously), hula hooping, dancing and eating samosas. A top quality pre-party.


Day #301 27.10.16

Fancy dress BMF tonight. Foot has finally stopped hurting so figured I’d give it a go, plus didn’t want to miss a chance to run around Pitville Park as a post-apocalyptic office worker (yes that’s right, zombie attack survivor, NOT a slutty schoolgirl, Martin Smith). We totally should do more BMF fancy dress, I quite like the idea of running around in a tutu for a bit. Might just do that anyway.


Day #298 24.10.16

SO TIRED TODAY. So weary. Luckily I live in the British version of Friends and my amazing neighbour Shelley cooked me tea. I think she likes looking after waifs and strays and neighbours that can’t quite adult very well.

That meant the only thing I had to do tonight is walk downstairs. I didn’t even have to put on shoes. Amazing.


Day #297 23.10.16

In the middle of the annual Yestival group photo. This sums it up really; it’s a weekend metaphorically spent in the middle of a massive squishy group hug. Surrounded by some of the most kind, generous and lovely people I’ve ever met. A magical place where you really can (and do) just hug random strangers and don’t have to wait to be introduced. Where you feel the support for any crazy idea that you might have, and where you can be free to be yourself.

I’ll blog properly about it soon, but suffice to say it was a top weekend. This year topped last year’s inaugural Yestival, and I’ve feeling it’s only going to get better.