Day #288 14.10.16

Time for a mop chop. Last time I got my hair cut was about January, just never got round to it and it was majorly in need of a tidy up – straggly as hell.

Two points to note: 1) why are the lights on the mirrors in hairdressers harsh as hell? I always sit there feeling about 50 and wishing I’d bothered to put make up on. The hairdressers don’t even use the mirrors really. What we really need is some soft lighting to make people (i.e. me) feel better that they don’t look like hell because:

2) I always manage to book a hair appointment on a day that I proceed to drink a fair bit of alcohol the night before. This is never planned, but it seems to have worked out that way. At least this time I didn’t feel like throwing up or falling asleep.


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