Day #290 16.10.16

What a beaut of day today turned out to be, after waking up to rain splattering the window; gorgeous bright sunshine and blue skies. Seeing as though I’m going to be cycling 1500km in a couple of months I figure I need to get back into some regular cycling so that it’s not too much of a shock to my body when I start (and hopefully avoid any potential injury). So, this means getting out on the road bike when I can and ramping up the spin classes.

Bob got some good outdoor time this weekend, 18km yesterday and another 30km today, including a slow yet steady ascent of Cleeve Hill, serving only to remind me that I need to do more hills and stop eating so much crap. Not bad going considering I was in a “force myself out the door” kind of mood this weekend.

Bob won’t be going to Chile; 70% of the route I’m doing is unpaved so I’ll be putting my trust in an unknown Chilean rental mountain bike. What can possibly go wrong? Hahahaha.




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