Day #333 28.11.16

A quick pit stop catch up that turned into most of the evening with this special chap. We don’t meet up that often for one reason or another but when we do time seems to stop still and we chatter so much there is never enough tea to drink (mainly because one or both of us is spilling it over ourselves or the table).

The back story to our friendship is a long one now, and each time we meet more time has passed and more chapters to both our stories have been written. Our paths keep taking different directions (Me: “A CALENDAR?” <shakes head in amusement> D: “Yes, I know” <shame face palm>. D:”Cycling in Chile?” Me: “Yep” D: “Be careful” Me: <rolls eyes slightly>) and we delight in hearing what each other has been up to.

Ours is not a normal ‘what have you been up to’ type of catch up though; it’s a bit more deep and meaningful than that. When we both met we were setting off to chase our dreams, and facing the reality of then living the dream is something we now do every day. And living a dream does not mean beds of roses and skipping unicorns. It means hard work, sacrifice and sometimes unhappiness. It can mean losing or gaining a sense of self. It can mean constantly battling against comfort or familiarity.

Life is never just about an end goal. You know the, “if I just do this then I’ll be happy. I’ll try that once X is sorted. If I start doing this job etc then it will be great.”


Life is about the moment. Doing things you want to do, trying things to see what happens. No matter about success or failure, that’s not the important bit. Life changes, things change every single second. What you set out to do is probably not what will happen. Opportunities will present themselves, or life might take a different turn, all you have to be is open to the opportunities. Sometimes you can’t think too long term – you have no idea what will happen. Don’t overthink things either. Just go with the flow. Take a chance – it could be amazing.

If you asked either of us a few years ago how life would look in 2016, it wouldn’t be what it is now, that’s for sure. Not a bad thing; we both acknowledge we’ve changed massively and any challenges have only been part of life. I’m just glad for that accidentally-snotty email I sent back in 2011-ish to the colleges and schools liaison manager, for it started a polka-dotted fudge-filled email trail of joy 🙂


Day #332 27.11.16

My own family squishy hug day came in the form of our early Christmas Day because we’re not all around next month. Not quite the whole hog; there was no tree or crackers, and we don’t do presents (except for my niece) but we do do Christmas music and dancing, food (bangers and mash) and just having a day together.

And an afternoon nap after food for the oldies (including my brother).



Day #331 26.11.16

Spent the day with this special family. I love them all to bits and even though I spent some of the day with about 30 6 years olds all screaming and shouting (!!) I wouldn’t have rather been anywhere else.

We go way back but don’t get to meet up that often. When we do though it’s like no time has passed at all. We laugh and reminisce about boozy nights, those New Years Eve parties, the watch incident, the hen party cat poo and catch up on life stuff like work, kids (theirs) and holidays.

I get to join in family life for a day, fitting in like an old comfy slipper and catching up with parents/grandparents kids and friends. I don’t have this on a day to day basis. My own family are hundreds of miles away, so to spend a day enveloped in warmth and love of everyday family life is pretty special, I don’t think people realise that sometimes. Us crazy busy people running around all over the place just sometimes want a big squishy hug. Which I got. Thank you ❤


Day #330 25.11.16

We made like old skool tonight and blasted out the 90’s chooons while getting ready for a night out (including Laura plaiting my hair – which is *not* like old times because a) I never had hair this long back then and b) she didn’t have a daughter who always wants her hair plaiting hence the practice). Sadly Friday nights in Horncastle are not like they used to be and the final stop in the Black Swan was less fighting the crowds to the toilet and more taking the piss out of the landlord (sorry Adrian) and wondering why everyone looks 12.


Day #327 22.11.16

I got to 10pm today with no photo. There’s been nothing remotely interesting or relevant today so far, mainly because I’ve either spent today in my car or in the office; late finish meant I didn’t get home until nearly 8.30pm. Faffing around cooking tea (nothing photo-worthy, a fishfinger wrap) and packing a bag for going away for the weekend is not what I’d call photo a day material.

So after more time falling into the social media black hole and watching some videos of cats and lip reading NFL players <makes mental note to try to download some kind of productivity extension for my Chromebook> I thought I’d go see what I took a picture of this day when I originally did photo a day in 2012 and see if I was more exciting 4 years ago.

And yep, it was. 4 years ago Film Club was watching porn and eating popcorn. And recreating *that* car crash scene. I miss Film Club. I had to walk about 10 metres to Karl’s house round the corner where it would pretty much be the only time I watched a film (not much has changed in that regard) and they’d patiently humour me in recreating a scene while fannying around with the camera timer. I miss the after work cup o tea ritual too. And the crystal maze.

2012 feels like a different life now. My photo a day back then was different. Back then there was a lot more writing and a lot more depth to the reasons I took photos. It wasn’t just a photo to show what I was doing or to sum up the day; it was a kind of self therapy in a year of discovery. Life felt a bit more simple back then, even though it probably wasn’t. Always easy to look back and see things a bit differently though. I do remember that year fondly though. My first single year, living alone and saying yes to everything. Rocking out at running. Lots of partying. Life after The Guy At Work and before The Marine. Friday Club and After Work Beers.

Happy days but I wouldn’t go back. Life is always changing, no point in looking backwards. It’s been and gone. Time to enjoy the moment now.



Day #326 21.11.16

Today was a cooking fail day. Normally if I’m at home for breakfast I have porridge. Fancied something different today so decided on banana, berry and egg muffins. Well, originally it was going to be banana, berry and egg pancakes but no, I thought I’d make muffins instead. SHOULD HAVE HAD PANCAKES.

Top: what they should look like

Bottom: what mine looked like

They tasted kind of OK though. Kind of.


Then I managed to burn a wrap. How the hell do you burn a wrap? FFS. Probably should just not eat for the rest of the day.

Day #325 20.11.16

Today was a lazy day. It looked cold and wet and dark outside. Before I’d even got out of bed I was having a conversation with someone about how it was a day not to leave the house.

Sam and I had made plans for a bike ride. We spent a considerable amount of time message piggy-in-the-middle-ing about whether we were actually going to go or not. In the end Sam made the decision for both of us by deciding to be a Domestic God for the day and spend it in the kitchen. Win for me, especially as my legs were feeling pretty weary today after a fairly active week exercise-wise.

This let me off! No plans and nowhere to be left me with a whole day to spend inside as I liked. A pottering day! Sounds like an Enid Blyton book; Five go Pottering. Sorting photos, some admin, laundry and netflix and a big furry blanket. Bliss.

However, I also like to be outside and today I did actually want to do something. But jeez, it was hard to get the motivation. Yes, even people who love exercise/running/cycling and normally have high motivation still struggle sometimes (a lot) of the time. It took me from 7am when I woke up until 4pm to actually make it out the house, so yep, I’d pretty much spent the day debating with myself and figuring out how to actually drag myself out.

At 4 o’clock I just got into  my running gear and Got The Fuck Out, promising myself I’d cook my tea when I got back. Yes, I basically bribed myself with food. And not even treat food, just with salmon and leftover vegetables. Just Food. Incredible it actually worked really.

But of course, it’s the times where it’s SO hard to get going that are the best runs. I thought I’d struggle round to do a quick 5km but I actually ended up doing 10.7 glorious kms feeling good and with strong legs. I could have kept going for a bit more but was getting hungry and also I want to run again tomorrow so just keeping it light.

It’s a struggle people, but sometimes we win.