Day #313 08.11.16

A MASSIVE, MASSIVE THANK YOU to everyone who donated things for the collection I was doing for Cheltenham Open Door charity. My car was full to bursting and I dropped it all off today. Everyone there was really grateful and send massive thanks to you all.


I was chatting to a couple of the people there about the work they do and how there is definitely an influx of donations (either time or things) around Christmas, but help and support is needed all year round.

If you still have things and didn’t manage to get them to me don’t worry, you can still give me them, I am happy to collect stuff all year round!

Cash donations are also always needed for the general running of the building which provides hot food, somewhere to socialise, a place to get a shower and laundry facilities and more. If you want to donate some pennies at any time you can do so at

I’m going to be getting more involved with the charity over the next 6 months or so, and will be looking at using my upcoming cycling trip/challenge to help raise some much needed funds for them, I’ll do a proper blog post soon.

PS: It’s my Dad’s birthday today. Happy birthday Daddio!! Xxx


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