Day #325 20.11.16

Today was a lazy day. It looked cold and wet and dark outside. Before I’d even got out of bed I was having a conversation with someone about how it was a day not to leave the house.

Sam and I had made plans for a bike ride. We spent a considerable amount of time message piggy-in-the-middle-ing about whether we were actually going to go or not. In the end Sam made the decision for both of us by deciding to be a Domestic God for the day and spend it in the kitchen. Win for me, especially as my legs were feeling pretty weary today after a fairly active week exercise-wise.

This let me off! No plans and nowhere to be left me with a whole day to spend inside as I liked. A pottering day! Sounds like an Enid Blyton book; Five go Pottering. Sorting photos, some admin, laundry and netflix and a big furry blanket. Bliss.

However, I also like to be outside and today I did actually want to do something. But jeez, it was hard to get the motivation. Yes, even people who love exercise/running/cycling and normally have high motivation still struggle sometimes (a lot) of the time. It took me from 7am when I woke up until 4pm to actually make it out the house, so yep, I’d pretty much spent the day debating with myself and figuring out how to actually drag myself out.

At 4 o’clock I just got into  my running gear and Got The Fuck Out, promising myself I’d cook my tea when I got back. Yes, I basically bribed myself with food. And not even treat food, just with salmon and leftover vegetables. Just Food. Incredible it actually worked really.

But of course, it’s the times where it’s SO hard to get going that are the best runs. I thought I’d struggle round to do a quick 5km but I actually ended up doing 10.7 glorious kms feeling good and with strong legs. I could have kept going for a bit more but was getting hungry and also I want to run again tomorrow so just keeping it light.

It’s a struggle people, but sometimes we win.





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