Day #331 26.11.16

Spent the day with this special family. I love them all to bits and even though I spent some of the day with about 30 6 years olds all screaming and shouting (!!) I wouldn’t have rather been anywhere else.

We go way back but don’t get to meet up that often. When we do though it’s like no time has passed at all. We laugh and reminisce about boozy nights, those New Years Eve parties, the watch incident, the hen party cat poo and catch up on life stuff like work, kids (theirs) and holidays.

I get to join in family life for a day, fitting in like an old comfy slipper and catching up with parents/grandparents kids and friends. I don’t have this on a day to day basis. My own family are hundreds of miles away, so to spend a day enveloped in warmth and love of everyday family life is pretty special, I don’t think people realise that sometimes. Us crazy busy people running around all over the place just sometimes want a big squishy hug. Which I got. Thank you ❤



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