Day #338 03.12.16

The annual BMF Christmas party. This one was a big one; a regional one (not just Chelts) and also involved a daytime activity of ‘BMF Hunted’ which was kind of based on the TV programme (which I’ve never seen but just presumed it was like a big game of hide and seek). Basically we had to split into teams and run off around the Cotswold Water Park looking for letters that would make a word/phrase without getting caught by the ‘hunters’.

This was SO MUCH FUN. Running around in the sun and fresh air for a couple of hours armed with nothing but our sharp senses, a hip flash full of sloe gin and a go pro. What else would you do with a Saturday afternoon in December?

Follow that with a bit of afternoon drinking, a pre-party in Bev and Rich’s hotel room and an evening of fun, frolics, music, fizz and dancing and you have yourself a pretty sweet as Christmas do.

I’m so lucky to have met this great bunch of people; couldn’t think of a more fun, real and genuine group to be able to call my friends. And still so many people missing off this picture too. BMF Cheltenham: you rock!



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