Day #341 06.12.16

Still not so well so had to cancel plans to go out again, and instead stayed in and rested. Having some unexpected free time though did mean I managed to set up a fundraising page for my upcoming trip to Chile (have I mentioned that trip yet? HA). I’ve decided to try and use the challenge to also raise money for local charity Cheltenham Open Door, one I’ve already spent a bit of time with doing a collection of winter clothes, food and toiletries. They do a cracking job and offer a much-needed service to people in need in the town and every penny anyone donates goes straight to the charity.

If you wanted to bung a couple of quid that way and see me try and cycle 1200km on unpaved roads, you can donate here, and I’d be ever so grateful. Just think of it as forgoing that morning coffee one day, or that last pint in the pub one night.

And if you DO donate, you can give me something random to do while away on my travels and I will provide photo or video evidence of me doing it. Like a kind of dare, if you will. Fill your boots!




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