Day #343 08.12.16

The trusty Golf (I haven’t named this car – I’ve named every single other car I’ve ever had but not this one. Not sure why that is.) has clocked round to 100k. I can’t even remember what mileage was on it when I got it about 2 and a half years ago but it was a fair way off this. Safe to say, I’ve done a shed load of trucking around the UK in this bad boy. Good job VWs are notorious for just keeping going on and on and on because I still have so many places to go and in no position to buy another car.
And it’s STILL a novelty to have a boot and foldy down seats after years of tiny classic mini boots and a two seater with no boot…YES to adventures and practical cars for travelling! It’s the simple things in life…
I also spectacularly kerbed it this evening; YAY to practical cars and not show cars! Ooops.

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