Day #350 15.12.16

I find December the hardest month to try and be active. It’s full of crap (but OH SO TASTY) food, too much booze, not enough sleep and dark, dark days and nights. It’s a real effort to make myself get going and not just give into hibernation. So after a few days of being busy and not doing any kind of exercise apart from walking to the work kitchen to eat doughnuts, I forced myself out for a run at lunchtime today. To get some fresh air, to get my legs moving and to give myself a bit of headspace. I always have so much to think about this time of year it makes my brain hurt a lot, and planning for a 6 week bike trip doesn’t help either. So many things to get and prepare. At work I am trying to get loads of stuff finished and done so I handover as little as possible as to not dump on my workmates and I’m being thwarted in my efforts by bloody issues cropping up left right and centre.
I could really tell I’d had a few days off with too much crap food – a hard ass run, and it was only a quick 5km. Then I decided to beast myself at spin tonight too. Serves me right for being lazy earlier this week.

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