Day #358 23.12.16

This is the ONLY photo I had from today so is the default picture I have to use. Taken because the chimney sweep hat came out so I took a cheeky selfie on the way to the pub as it’s a rare appearance. The plan was to have a couple in the pub with my friend James then head to the carols in Pittville Park.

A couple turned into the whole day drinking, with all sense of time forgotten and no thought to getting any other photos for the day. Pity, as I know how much James loves a selfie.

Or I could have taken a picture of James’s friends Pippa and Ben who were just fabulous. Or his Nan who was lovely (memory gets a little hazy from here on), or his sister and friends in the last pub we went to (definitely can’t remember much of that apart from it was all very jolly). Or my neighbour Aelred who knew what time I got home, even if I can’t remember. Me on Saturday morning “I don’t know what time I got in”. A: “11pm”. Me: “Oh was it? How do you know?”. A: “You were pretty loud.”. Me: “Oh. Oops. Sorry.”




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