Day #360 25.12.16

Friends Christmas was hosted at Marsha and Rich’s place in Bristol today. After the events of the last two days I have to admit I was slightly jaded so it was a relatively alcohol-free day for me, but to be fair, Christmas Day usually is.

What a lovely, chilled out day we had. Apart from the afternoon walk we had out to the Clifton suspension bridge we spent the day just eating (we pretty much grazed constantly) and playing games. I’ve had Articulate for years but every time I play it the laughs always come from either a) the weird descriptions people come up with, b) the lack of understanding between partners “do you not know me AT ALL”, c) the hand gestures “just pointing and moving your hand does NOT HELP or d) the helpful hints everyone says after the round “you should have said ‘XYZ’, I would have got it then”.

Thank you so much to Marsha and Rich for hosting me and Sam in your boooootiful new flat, so lovely to spend the day with all you guys.


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