Day #366 31.12.16

Ooops, not sure what is going on with the numbering. Either it was a leap year (can´t remember) or I´ve screwed them up somehow. Anyway, I can´t be arsed to figure out why, it´s not really important.

Last time I did a photo a day in 2012 I wrote a massive long last post, reviewing the year and doing some oscar-style thank yous. But that was a very different year. It was the year I got divorced and a strange year where I was single for the first time in my adult life and I was just trying to figure out who I actually was, because I´d lost my identity.

There were a lot of new things back then, and I guess that hasn´t changed, I still love trying new things. I tried to say yes to things that either interested me, scared me or sounded intriuging. That´s still pretty much the case now, but I feel more sure of myself. I´m still figuring out who I am, but that will never stop. You´re always learning and changing, it´s one of the ace things about being a human. We learn and grow and change constantly, even if we don´t want to.

This year has been an absolute blast though, I´ve done some brilliant things, met some brilliant people and forged deeper friendships with people I haven´t known for that long. I have absolutely adored living in Cheltenham, and I couldn´t think of a better place to live right now. I´ve been here two years now and still feel like I´m only just scratching the surface. So much more to look forward to. It´s not all been great, but in the law of averages no whole year can be. But, I still wake up every day so grateful for my lot and so pleased with where I am now, compared to back in 2011.

Thanks to everyone who has been a part of my 2016. You´ve all made it what it was, and I wouldn´t be half the person I am if you all weren´t around me. No (wo)man is an island, so they say.

Here´s to a happy, healthy, active and outdoors 2017!



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