How to eat on a Sunday…

…if you’re single/lazy/lacking in time to go shopping much/all 3.

  1. Eat leftover chocolate for breakfast in bed while vowing never to buy chocolate again.
  2. Go run around a park in the sunshine.
  3. Buy broccoli at any opportunity if you pass a local co-op. You’d be surprised how handy it is.
  4. Use sandwich beef (decent stuff, though, no reformed cows or corned beef) in substitute for cooking an actual joint of meat.
  5. Cook broccoli. Use boiling water to make gravy (no waste here).
  6. Put cold beef on plate.
  7. Chuck broccoli on top.
  8. Pour over gravy.
  9. Add salt and pepper.
  10. Marvel at your shortcut Sunday dinner handiwork.
  11. Inhale food.
  12. Wait 10 minutes.
  13. Make a cheese and ham toastie because you’re still hungry.
  14. Chomp on toastie.
  15. Wonder whether you should make another one.
  16. Remember you’ve just eaten all the ham.
  17. Wait 10 minutes.
  18. Contemplate buying chocolate.
  19. Remember you’re not buying chocolate any more.
  20. Drum fingers on laptop keyboard in indecision.
  21. Decide to not buy chocolate, mainly because it will involve walking to the shop.
  22. Make a cup of tea.
  23. Daydream about chocolate. Eat salted cashews and sultanas instead.
  24. Enjoy the mix of salt and sweet. Forget about chocolate.
  25. Contemplate whether to go for a bike ride.
  26. Sit on sofa for another few hours debating what to do while looking at videos of cats on the internet.
  27. Wonder whether you should go food shopping as now you have no food apart from cheese.
  28. Briefly look at recipes from Lean in 15 and consider batch cooking.
  29. Remember you’re hardly at home next week.
  30. Decide to buy more broccoli next time you pass the co-op and therefore do not need to trek to the supermarket.
  31. Wonder what to have for tea.
  32. Remember you have no food. But there is milk and bananas.
  33. Decide to have porridge later.
  34. Briefly wonder what you’d do if you had to cook for someone else.
  35. Remember The Marine and his love of cooking.
  36. Decide that any potential men friends must like cooking.
  37. Go back to videos of cats.

Welcome to my world! Happy Sunday.


Day #22 22.01.16

I don’t work Fridays. I love this fact. It’s worth the less money to have an extra day on the weekend. People ask me what I do with the extra day. Right now I don’t do anything specific; I don’t like to plan or have a routine too much. So today it was a hotchpotch of a gym class, bit of shopping and then hanging out with my friend Mike who was visiting for the weekend.

We went out for dinner at the Tivoli tonight, never been there for food before and it’s just round the corner from home. It was pretty damn good. Love food.


A spoonful of sugar.

Makes me feel like sh*t and is really not doing me any favours. I think I have a little addiction to sugar and sweet stuff, and have decided enough’s enough (after eating enough Maltesers, Toblerone and Celebrations over Christmas I’m surprised I’m not diabetic) and I’m going to cut it out of my diet to try and be as healthy as I can be. For my overall health and also because I know that it makes me feel good. It also helps for exercise. Ever tried running after eating a bucket load of crap? It’s really hard work.

So, as from now* I’m going to stop eating stuff like cake, chocolate, ice cream, biscuits, desserts etc. No sugar in my tea. Natural sugar in things like fruit, dried fruit or honey is OK though. No refined sugar or processed crap basically.

I’m going to go cold turkey. It’s not going to be easy, but I’m going to give it my best shot. I gave up smoking once, so surely I can do this? I know I’ve got willpower. I think it’s in there somewhere. I just have to find it and use it. I did do this a few years ago, managed a couple of weeks and it was fine (I completely forgot and got lured in by custard creams in a work meeting). I’ve given chocolate up for lent before. So, it should be easy right? Hopefully.

That’s also why I’m posting this. Telling people. Gives me an extra incentive to stick to it. And also, helps if I see any of you. Please don’t give me chocolate or offer me a biscuit**.

Ta. Wish me luck.



*9pm, Sunday 29th December 2013.

**Or wave one in front of my nose. I won’t be responsible for my actions. 

Street food.

No, not food that’s somehow found it’s way onto the floor on the street. No, this is a post about Thai street food. Or more specifically, Bangkok street food. Two words: it’s AWESOME. Oh yes, it’s so good it deserves capital letters.

Street food is, not surprisingly, food from stalls on the street. There’s so many different types to choose from. Fruit carts, meat skewers, fish skewers, noodle soup, meatballs, noodles, rice, vegetables. Full plated meals, snacks or take away. Spicy or not spicy. SO MUCH CHOICE. Anywhere you go, there’s something available. And pretty much everything I have tried is so frickin’ DELICIOUS. Spicy, full of flavour and just so god damn tasty. Just sat here writing about it is making me hungry and wanting to go out and eat, eat and eat again.

And the people who run the carts and cook the street food are so awesome too. Happy, smiley, friendly people. Most of them seem to enjoy what they do and are happy to have a laugh and a joke, and love it when you love their food.

Yesterday was an epic street food day. Nick’s been rating his food, and his curry from a little stand near Khao San road has rated the highest yet. And the little guy who served us was an awesome happy little chappy, but the lady who cooked our tea at a little stand just down the road and round the corner from our hostel was the best yet. She was a little whirlwind of activity, joking and laughing with everyone as she went, cooking at a million miles an hour. We sat for ages just watching her. Especially when she was cooking a huge order for this Thai man, who had ordered a feast for two people. She put everything (including some soup) in little clear plastic bags for takeaway, and we ended up laughing and joking with him about how much he’d ordered and whether he’d be able to eat it all.

So, our street food day in pictures:

Brunch: Nick with his highly rated curry and the guy from the stall




Dinner: my hot spicy vegetable/tofu stir fry thing and the happy smiley whirlwind lady






The day ended with many beers, a ham and cheese toastie, crisps and chocolate from the 7 eleven but obviously that’s not really authentic Tahi street food so the less said about that the better…

Bad pizza.

Broke my no-takeaway January tonight. Fancied a Papa Johns. Not had one for ages and felt like a little celebration. A little treat. Only I chose the wrong bloody pizza. Chose Total Recall when I should have chosen piri piri chicken. I got confused and forgot which one it was that I liked. It was horrible. I could only manage about a slice and a half. So I ate lots of biscuits instead. Now I feel like crap. Bad food = feel like shit.

Back on the healthy train tomorrow.

Grand finale.

Tonight was the grand finale of Come Dine With Me Club. Each weekend in January me, Karl, Sharron and Donna have taken it in turns to cook for us all, CDWMC stylee.

It’s been great fun; a chance to get together, have a laugh, eat good food and not have to go out or spend loads of money. Part of quiet January. I shall miss it. All of us are away or busy over the next few weeks so probably won’t get together much until the end of February. Boo.

Karl was the winner. And well deserved. Especially for that leek, potato and bacon soup. It was delish. And he shared his prize. Aces.



I don’t really like cheese. Yes, yes, I know, most people are very alarmed at this. I’ve tried to like it, I really have. But I can’t. Ever since I was little, I just don’t like it. Don’t like the texture or taste. Yes, I know there are loads of different types of cheese, and I’ve tried lots of them. But I still don’t like any of them. There’s a couple of exceptions; melted cheese like cheddar and mozarella (yeah I know, no idea why melted is much different, but, hey go figure) and parmesan. These I like.

So for years I’ve never thought to go to the Cheese Society for food. Because, well, you know, it’s cheese, innit? But, I got told that a) there are other things than cheese and b) the puddings are awesome.

Well, I like puddings so I was sold. I was meeting a friend for lunch today so I suggested we try there. Was.Not.Disappointed. I had croque monsieur (posh cheese and ham toastie) then Eton Mess. BEST cheese and ham toastie I’ve had, it was bloody gorgeous. The Eton Mess was nice too, although I couldn’t finish it. This NEVER happens. Therefore I conclude it must have been good. Or just too much cream. Either way, it was a chuffing superb meal and a nice way to end a week of Krisprolls for lunch (v healthy, but a bit boring).


My name is Paps and I’m addicted to sugar. Yep, sweet stuff, chocolate, cakes. You name it, I love it. I’ve always had a sweet tooth but I know that really it’s a sugar addiction. Which means I find it hard not to eat it. Really hard. Similar to any other addiction. I know what I have to do, I know it’s just in my mind but my willpower can be crap sometimes. I know I can do it, I’ve gone times before not eating sweet stuff but it never lasts.

It makes me feel crap, gives me headaches, I put on weight but yet I just can’t give it up. I can’t just have a bit either. I’m not one of those people that can eat a square of chocolate at once and save the rest for later. No way. Every other aspect of my diet is good. Healthier than it’s every been. There’s just this one last little thing to sort.

And the problem is now that because I’m more aware of my diet than I ever have been, this seems more of a problem than it ever has before. And I don’t want it to be a ‘problem’. Something that needs to be sorted. Because I don’t want my diet/weight etc. to become an issue. Something that’s on my mind. Because that’s not me, I’m actually really happy with the way I look/feel/weight etc. I just wish I could be one of those people that doesn’t eat shit. That eats healthy without thinking. That doesn’t need to eat chocolate or cake. Because let’s face it, it is bad for you. But yes, I know, a little of something you fancy does you good. Which would be fine if I could just do a little bit. Every now and then. But I fear I can’t. I suspect I am one of those all-or-nothing types.

One day maybe I’ll crack it. Until then, pass me a creme egg. Or two.