Solitary confinement.

I like to be alone, probably just as much as I like to be around other people. I am quite a sociable creature, but I also like (and need) time to myself. To just potter around or talk to myself or just chill out. Right now I’m sat on the roof of my building in the Spring sunshine writing this. And it’s beautiful. I can see the hills that surround Cheltenham and feel the sun on my face. The weather is so lovely I feel like I should be doing something. Getting out and about. Maybe a walk, maybe a run. Go out and see people.

But maybe, my brain tells me, maybe it’s just OK to do this. To stop and sit here outside instead. Maybe you don’t always have to be doing something. You’re already outside. You’ve spent the week doing silly amounts of burpees and running around in mud and flinging yourself over walls and tyres. Maybe it’s OK.

So I am.


Dreaming of sun.

Oops, another post about the weather. Sorry. But, lets face it, living in England we have lots of weather stuff to talk about. I write this as I sit in bed toasty and warm. It’s cold outside my bed; I’ve just got up to feed the cat and put the heating on. I’m not a fan of the cold. I’d rather it was a bit warm. Not stupidly hot, sticky and unbearable, that’s pretty crap too. Just warm.

It snowed again yesterday, so we’ve got a fresh covering of the white stuff. My Facebook and Twitter feeds are full of people getting excited about going to play in the snow. Some with kids, some without kids. I’m NOT going to play in the snow. In previous years I’ve been out there with the best of them, making snowmen and having snowball fights. But this year I just can’t get any part of me to want to do it. Not sure why. I’ve just bought ski gear for a trip to Lapland in March (my brother’s getting married over there) so I could try that out. Maybe even should. But nope, no inclination to do that either. I might pop out to see a friend later, and so might get outside with them. But only if they want to. I’m not going to suggest it.

So for now I’m going to stay in bed a bit longer, fanny around on the internet, give the cat a cuddle, decide what I’m doing today, read some books and dream of the sun. Soon, we will have sun. Until then, I’ve got my blanket.


A picture or two.

I haven’t posted many pictures on this blog so far. My last blog was a photo a day for 2012, so I posted one photo every day and the story behind it. I kind of miss that. Finding things to take photos of, seeing things in a different way, capturing moments. Especially things that would probably just pass by unnoticed otherwise. A view, a sunset, the look on someone’s face. And I love photos, I always have. You’ll often find me snapping away. Or asking someone to snap a photo of me.

Photos are more than just pictures, they’re memories. Not only can I remember what’s in the photo, but I’ll have memories of taking the picture, like where I was, what was going on and what I was feeling. Today I took two pictures. One at sunrise and one at sunset, from different places in Lincoln. I took them because I thought they were pretty.





It snowed.

Yes, I know. a post about the weather. How dull. But, it’s about snow. Snow is acceptable weather to post about. You just have to look at anyone’s Twitter feed or Facebook timeline, they’re full of posts about or pictures of snow. So, it snowed more today.

I’m really pleased I don’t have to drive to work anymore. My car is pretty crap on the snow (rear wheel drive, mid engine) so it pretty much just slides about, so I used to dread having to drive anywhere in snow as I’d just end up sideways. Which is fine, and actually a lot of fun, but only if you’re nowhere near any other cars, kerbs or buildings. So now I walk I only have to worry about damaging myself, which, knowing me is pretty likely (I’m fairly clumsy), but, if you fall over in snow there’s a soft landing, right?

I walked home past Lincoln Cathedral tonight. It was so pretty, all lit up and covered in snow. Then it started to snow as I was there. ‘Twas a magical moment. All too often when we walk we look down at the ground, or straight ahead. How often do we look up? But if we don’t look up, we miss out on so much. Tonight looking up I saw the cathedral in it’s full glory, as well as all the snow settled on the telephone wires and the trees, and the top of the castle walls. Pretty and peaceful.