The Dam.

So I had a little jaunt over to The Netherlands this weekend to spend a couple of nights in Amsterdam with a few mates. I’ve been to the Dam a couple of times before, and 3 out of the 4 of us had been at least once so it wasn’t really a touristy trip; more a relaxing, chilled weekend full of eating, drinking, relaxing and wandering around. And that’s precisely what we did.¬†Wandered up and down the canal sides and in Vondelpark, visited numerous coffee shops and cafes, had a few beers, visited the Red Light District, ate pancakes¬†and giggled a lot.

It was a nice break in the middle of a hectic few weeks so it was good to relax, unwind and enjoy the Amsterdam culture for a bit.

Only downside? I didn’t take my running gear and so got running envy every time I saw a jogger. Especially as we were staying right on the side of Vondelpark. It would have been perfect for an early morning run. Oh well. Next time.