Day #19 19.01.16

Back to work properly (as in I had to get dressed and leave the house) today. Not in the office though, I was at the Heritage motor museum site today for a meeting. Going here means driving through quaint Cotswold villages and watching the beaut of a sunrise this morning over the fields and hills. It was really pretty. All frosty white trees and fields with the sun just peeking out to say good morning.

I’m trying to adjust to the temperature difference as I’m really feeling the cold. Getting used to wearing a scarf and coat again.


Day #18 18.01.16

That thing that everyone dreads when getting back from holiday: work. Yes, first day back to work today. But you know, it wasn’t so bad. I worked from home and today was a catching up day. So going through emails, catching up with colleagues about what had happened over the last couple of weeks, checking stuff, that kind of thing. A decent day to break me in gently really, and it’s probably good really, because there was a couple of times in the last few weeks where I kind of forgot I had a job. At least I managed to remember my passwords.