The Boston Marathon.

I’ve been in two minds about whether to post about the explosions at the Boston Marathon yesterday. There’s been endless news coverage, and lots and lots of tweets on Twitter. Alex and I were watching events unfold on the TV last night. It was just horrific. I had to stop watching in the end. My heart goes out to the victims and their families and everyone there. As a runner, it feels a bit too close to home. At an event like the ones I go to. With people like me. OK, so I’m not a running blogger, or part of a running club, but I am a runner. I tweet with other runners. I chat to other runners. I post about running. I’ve helped people get into running. I’m part of the running community. A community that was hit hard by yesterday’s events. A community in shock.

But as we have [sadly] seen many times in the last few years, the human spirit will not be broken. These attacks will not change people’s behaviour; we are defiant. Will not let events like this stop things from happening; for if that were to happen then they have won. Immediately after the explosion, people ran towards the blast to help others, disregarding their own safety and the possibility of more explosions. Runners have been brought together and will not stop running. Runners at the London Marathon this weekend have pledged to run over the line with their hands over their hearts as a tribute. Millions of tweets of support, sympathy have been posted. Kindness from strangers. It just shows that the world is still full of good.

I will never be able to comprehend what would make anyone want to do that. But I guess that’s the point. Most people can’t. And that’s what makes the world still full of good.