Day #24 24.01.16

Today’s been an uneventful day really. A pottering day. A day mainly inside. And it’s been great. Everyone needs them. Can’t be busy all the time. It’s also a day where I rejoice at living alone where there’s no one around to judge or comment. Halloumi and beetroot for tea? Why, yes, thank you very much. YES.




I don’t really like cheese. Yes, yes, I know, most people are very alarmed at this. I’ve tried to like it, I really have. But I can’t. Ever since I was little, I just don’t like it. Don’t like the texture or taste. Yes, I know there are loads of different types of cheese, and I’ve tried lots of them. But I still don’t like any of them. There’s a couple of exceptions; melted cheese like cheddar and mozarella (yeah I know, no idea why melted is much different, but, hey go figure) and parmesan. These I like.

So for years I’ve never thought to go to the Cheese Society for food. Because, well, you know, it’s cheese, innit? But, I got told that a) there are other things than cheese and b) the puddings are awesome.

Well, I like puddings so I was sold. I was meeting a friend for lunch today so I suggested we try there. Was.Not.Disappointed. I had croque monsieur (posh cheese and ham toastie) then Eton Mess. BEST cheese and ham toastie I’ve had, it was bloody gorgeous. The Eton Mess was nice too, although I couldn’t finish it. This NEVER happens. Therefore I conclude it must have been good. Or just too much cream. Either way, it was a chuffing superb meal and a nice way to end a week of Krisprolls¬†for lunch (v healthy, but a bit boring).