Day #23 23.01.16

Today was a Ronnies Sex Shop (deliberate no apostrophe) t-shirt day. In between doing BMF, having a haircut and going out with BMF buddies at night I lazed around at home. This t-shirt is from South Africa and I wouldn’t really wear it outside in real life as I’m not that keen on the idea of walking around in public with the word Sex splayed on my right boob. So it’s saved for home use only. Loungewear if you will (ha! Loungewear=all the old/shit clothes that are so comfy they’re nearly falling apart or you wouldn’t be seen dead in public).


Travel goodies.

I’ve been given a few presents for my travels recently by my pals. Really thoughtful ones. One was a fully loaded ready-to-go tram card for Melbourne so I can have fun riding around on the trams of the city (thanks Moz). I got a notepad and pens from Jane to write in (in case I didn’t have wifi or battery on my laptop and wanted to write). And the last was ‘Five on a Treasure Island’ by Enid Blyton from Nick today. He was given it by a friend of his to read when he went on his travels. He read it on a beach in Goa and has written in the front of the book. The condition of me having it was that I have to write in the front and then pass it on to someone else on their travels. Hopefully it will make it’s way around the world. I’m going to save it to read when I’m near a beach I think. It just wouldn’t feel right reading about an island not near water. And then find someone to pass it onto that would keep it going.

photo (11)

Meeting with Nick today, that book and Film Club tonight has made me think about my travels a bit. It’s not long until I go, but I’m sure you already know that. I probably mention it enough. Sorry, but it’s pretty much mostly what my time is taken up with although I do a good job at procrastinating and not actually thinking or doing anything I need to do until the last minute. But, I digress.

I was thinking about some things that I’m looking forward to. I mean, there’s hundreds of things really, but these are a few little things I’ve remembered that I’ve thought about in the last day or so (hundreds of things CANNOT stay in my brain all at the same time; I have the concentration span of a pea).

#1: Running whenever I want. Like, in the daytime rather than after work or first thing before work (although to be fair, I’ve only done that once this year so that’s not so valid). It will be like a weekend every day. I can choose when to go. YAY! Might not sound like a lot, but it will make a big difference. Imagine not having to plan stuff around 9-5 Monday to Friday. All that time to play with. Frickin’ awesome. I’ve also been following something called Write This Run on twitter. I know I’m not strictly a running blogger but I would have loved to have gone but I couldn’t. Next year. When I’m back in the UK, I’m in. I’m really fired up at the minute for my running. I’m enjoying it big style. So while I’m away not only am I going to to do my Runs Around the World but I’m also going to try and find other runners or running clubs. Run with as many people as I can. Enter races if I can. See what worldwide running is like. SO EXCITED.

#2: Hangouts with Film Club. We tried a google hangout tonight. Donna and Karl on their tablets and me on my phone (Sharron can’t join in until she gets her new phone. We made her sit in the corner and face the wall. Not really.). OK, so we were all in the same room. But still. Oh, actually, Karl went into the kitchen for pizza cam. So still all in the same house. But it worked and so we all know what to do when I’m away. We are SO going to still have Film Club throughout the year. They cannot escape my talking through films and stupid questions. Muhahahaha.

#3: Throwing most of my work clothes away. Most of them are knackered but there was no point in getting new stuff because I’m off. So I look like a tramp most days but I can live with that. Pretty much everything apart from a pair of trousers and one jumper is going. Corporate work-smartish clothes, and by extension, corporate work life, be gone! Hello unemployed travelling hobo life 😀

Fucking hell. I can’t wait.