Day #65 05.03.16

Most of today was spent outside freezing cold, wet and covered in mud. Yes, this was also deliberate. Madness, yes I know!

Today a load of us from BMF went to do the Devil Mud Run, an 8km mud run in the HILLY fields somewhere near Winchcombe just outside Cheltenham.

I’ve done a few of these before (Wolf Run has been my favourite, that freezing cold lake swim is awesome) so I kind of knew what to expect, but jesus I hadn’t expected quite so many hills, or for it to be just SO cold.  It took bloody ages to warm up afterwards and get rid of the violent shivers I ended up with.

When I’ve done some of these events before I’ve sometimes done them by myself (mainly when I first starting running I didn’t really know anyone else who ran too) which was great fun, but it’s a million times better running with a bunch of mates. So much fun, so many laughs and there’s always someone to help you out when you get stuck in quicksand-type mud (thank you Inga!!)


Day #31 31.01.16

Sunday, the end of the week. Today I’ve mainly spent my time on the sofa feeling more and more crap. I have the lurgy (winter cold) which is extremely annoying as I felt so healthy, energetic, rested etc two weeks ago when I came back off holiday and now I feel ill, exhausted and run down. I thought I’d last a bit longer than this before sucumbing!

I’m also really tired as I’ve had a few late nights and early starts this week so tonight I was pretty pleased to get into my bed.


Day #19 19.01.16

Back to work properly (as in I had to get dressed and leave the house) today. Not in the office though, I was at the Heritage motor museum site today for a meeting. Going here means driving through quaint Cotswold villages and watching the beaut of a sunrise this morning over the fields and hills. It was really pretty. All frosty white trees and fields with the sun just peeking out to say good morning.

I’m trying to adjust to the temperature difference as I’m really feeling the cold. Getting used to wearing a scarf and coat again.


To run or not to run.

That’s not actually the question I’m asking myself. I will run. I know I will. I’m sat here in my running gear. I’m in a different place so it will be a completely new route and sights. Which I love. But. It looks cold. It looks windy. My legs still ache from earlier this week. I’ve been awake since 5:30am. I could come up with loads more reasons. I’ve got somewhere to be in a bit so I’ve only got a limited time to run. So why am I still sat here flicking through TV channels not watching anything in particular?

Because it takes effort to do something. It takes no effort to do nothing. And it looks COLD outside. I am getting so fed up of running in the cold.

Right. I’m on it. Reward will be beer while watching the rugby later.

Dreaming of sun.

Oops, another post about the weather. Sorry. But, lets face it, living in England we have lots of weather stuff to talk about. I write this as I sit in bed toasty and warm. It’s cold outside my bed; I’ve just got up to feed the cat and put the heating on. I’m not a fan of the cold. I’d rather it was a bit warm. Not stupidly hot, sticky and unbearable, that’s pretty crap too. Just warm.

It snowed again yesterday, so we’ve got a fresh covering of the white stuff. My Facebook and Twitter feeds are full of people getting excited about going to play in the snow. Some with kids, some without kids. I’m NOT going to play in the snow. In previous years I’ve been out there with the best of them, making snowmen and having snowball fights. But this year I just can’t get any part of me to want to do it. Not sure why. I’ve just bought ski gear for a trip to Lapland in March (my brother’s getting married over there) so I could try that out. Maybe even should. But nope, no inclination to do that either. I might pop out to see a friend later, and so might get outside with them. But only if they want to. I’m not going to suggest it.

So for now I’m going to stay in bed a bit longer, fanny around on the internet, give the cat a cuddle, decide what I’m doing today, read some books and dream of the sun. Soon, we will have sun. Until then, I’ve got my blanket.


One of those days.

It’s one of those days today. You know. It’s not a Bad Day, it’s a Meh Day. Things not going to plan, or maybe going slightly wrong. Or just one little thing after another. Days when you want to just sit under a blanket, eat chocolate, watch crap films and hibernate*.

This morning our office was so cold we were sat with scarves and gloves on. I couldn’t get warm. and I really don’t like being cold. Once I get cold I struggle to warm up. It’s not nice.

Then I went to an exercise class at lunch. An abs class. It was hard work. Every exercise was tough and I felt old and creaky.  

Then walking back to the office I got dripped on by melting snow. And got cold feet.


It has, however, been remedied by a nice hot bowl of soup for lunch (cheers Michael) and coming back to a slightly warmer office (thanks fan heater under my desk).

Good times.


*I’m aware not everyone has these days, it could just be me.