Thoughts of an injured person.

Been thinking about this a bit while I was shuffling around with a broken rib. I wasn’t obviously injured. I didn’t have crutches, or any bandages, or a wheelchair or any stuff like that. But I was slow. I couldn’t walk fast (or really that far). I couldn’t lift things like I could normally. I couldn’t hop around or change direction quickly.

And it made me realise how often in normal life that’s what we do. Or I do, and the majority of others. Like in train stations. Or walking down the street. Or in shops or cafes.

And it made me quite concious when I couldn’t. I felt like I was holding people up. I could’t speed up to cross the road at crossings or if a car had stopped, or hurry through a door that someone had held. I could imagine people tutting, or perhaps whispering ‘hurry up’ or ‘get a bloody move on’ in their head. Now, they might not have been. I wouldn’t, but I know people do. I’ve heard them.

And so you have to wonder, how many other of those slow people you might come across are injured. Or maybe have a condition where they can’t move as fast or do all the things most people take for granted. And that’s the thing. We just don’t know. Just the same as we don’t know what kind of day people are having, or what’s on their mind. They might be fighting an inner battle that we know nothing about. That’s why they might be a bit short, or preoccupied or rude.

So don’t get angry or irritated.

Be kind. Be patient. Be friendly.