I’m being really productive tonight but also feel like my head might implode. So much to do, I feel like I’m running round in circles trying to get it done. Not knowing where to start. Lots of little bits to get done. Loose ends to tie up. It’s the same at work. I’ve spent all day at work today doing that, then came home and spent the entire evening carrying on.

“Surely you have a list” I hear you cry. Well, kind of. “But you’re a project manager, you should have all this under control. You should like this” Erm not really. I’ve had about enough. Enough of planning and lists and all that jazz.

My head hurts. I’m drained. And I still haven’t started on my packing or trying to think about what stuff needs to be where at the weekend when I move out of Alex’s.

Soon. Soon it will be done and I will be on the road. Free. No lists.

Until then. Meep.

And, really, tonight, all the above pales into insignificance when you hear of the awful attack in Woolwich today. My thoughts go out to the man and his family. Such awful, awful news.