Airport stopover.

Or layover. Not quite sure what the proper term is but I’ve heard layover lots, so I’m going with that. It might be American. I love airports, I love flying. Which, is a good job really because I’ll be doing a fair bit of it this year. I’m not enjoying the screaming child nearby though but I’m trying to tune that out.

I’ve just got off my 8 hour flight from Johannesburg to Abu Dhabi, and have a few hours to kill in the airport now before getting on my next flight (only a short one: 3 1/2 hours) to Delhi. The last flight was with Etihad, I’ve not flown with them before. I’d recommend; it was a great flight, decent food, plenty of drink, great entertainment plus there was no one behind or next to me so I could stretch out like a mofo. Oh, and the headphones were the best I’ve had so far. These ones didn’t make my hair go static. Always a win.

I like to people watch at airports. Wonder where people have been, or where they are going and why. Sometimes I get to find out, if I start chatting to people. And, like I’ve said before, great things happen when you just talk to people. Like my flight yesterday from Livingstone to Johannesburg. I helped a man with his cable tie at the check in desk (he’d put it on the wrong way round and was struggling with it) and ended up sat next to him on the flight. We chatted a bit; he was going home to SA after a fishing trip in Livingstone, I told him about my travel plans. After I picked up my bags in Joburg I needed to call the place I was staying at to arrange an airport pick up, he helped me out by letting me call from his mobile phone. Just one example. Oh, and if you’re wondering what he was doing with a cable tie, it’s because he was flying into Joburg. Can never be too careful with bags there so he was tying his zips together. I didn’t point out that they could just slash his [material] bag, but hey, at least it’s something I guess.

Abu Dhabi was HOT when I got off the plane, it’s around 37 degrees here (and it’s the evening). I think Delhi is about the same temperature. Oooooo. I might be glad I’m off up into the mountains. I was moaning about Johannesburg being cold yesterday but, well, high 30’s is maybe just a leeeetle too hot. We’ll see.

The airport here has free wifi throughout. GREAT idea. I wish all airports did this. It’s certainly making the time go quicker, and I have an article to write.

I miss Africa, but I’m excited now about India. I suspect by the time I arrive there tomorrow morning (6am Indian time, 3am ish African time, 2am ish UK time) I’ll just want to sleep but I’m going to force myself to get out and about in Delhi for the day and try and adjust to the new time. I can’t WAIT for the food. I’m hungry now just thinking about it.

TPAD Day 2 – 2nd June 2013

Landed in Zambia today; I’ll be spending the next 4 weeks here on an Education and Rural Community internship. I’m in Livingstone, which is just up the road from the Victoria Falls (on the border with Zimbabwe). The internship starts tomorrow, so today has been spent getting here (didn’t arrive until lunchtime, after a decent flight but a long queue to get visas and a airport pickup that didn’t nearly happen), catching some rays and reading my book. I also went for a little wander to get a healthy, nutritious tea (egg sandwich, African-equivalent wotsits and some biscuits) and to see what’s about.

No surprises, it’s very African here. Dusty, hot, no proper roads, people (and sometimes animals) wandering around. I got stared at a lot and the usual hard sell to buy some local jewellery and I’d only got about 50 yards down the road. I better get used to it I guess, although I’m not quite comfortable with it yet. I’ve only been away two days but already I’ve had that, and a few people at the airports trying to ‘help’ me by either shoving me towards boarding gates or trying to get me to follow them so they can show me where I need to go. They’re only doing it for a few pennies but I told them I knew what I was doing ta very much.

Still feeling a bit shattered today, I think it’s all the travelling. Not much time difference (only an hour) but quite a few miles covered and I think it’s worn me out a bit. I’ve been a bit anti-social today, reading a book rather than speaking to people. Not so much effort that way. And besides, I’ll meet other volunteers tomorrow. Early night tonight I reckon. Rock n roll.

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