Day #53 22.02.16

Working from home is great. For many reasons. Today’s reason is that I can make a fresh salad right before I eat it, not the night before so it goes all soggy. Yes, I am aware this is quite dull but hey, I quite like food. And I quite like eating. And it’s a bit rare that I actually have this much food in my house to be able to make what was really quite a top salad. And there’s not a lot more I’ve done today apart from go out for cake at lunchtime (salad + cake = balance) and I’m going to go for a run and then to the gym tonight. These activities are probably equally as interesting dull to most people, ha! Maybe I should be more like 2012 and post more meaningful pictures that relate to some deep and meaningful thoughts I’ve been having but I’ve not really been having any.

Well, not that I want to tell the world about right now. Maybe I’ll save those for a really dull day.